Six Months of Gratitude

Approximately one year ago, I received “The Five Minute Journal” as a gift. At first, I was not very consistent with my daily entries, one week here, a few days there. I was never accordant with writing down pieces of gratitude within my life. As soon as I started to commit to thinking of all of the reasons that make me thankful each and every day, miraculous things began happening to my state of mind.

Prior to my gratitude practice, I had the worst anxiety, I believe it peaked when I started my career in the corporate world. I would find myself in black holes of negativity. Panicking and asking myself “What is the meaning of life?” “What is my real purpose?” When you get into cycles of waking up, going to the gym, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, going to bed; repeat everyday, it takes a toll on your mental health. It is important to use all of your spare time outside of work and obligations to cater to your needs, passions, and self-growth (that is a additional post).

I have now reconciled my first gratitude journal, from cover to finish. Most days I wake up feeling happy and at peace with my life. I express my appreciation for anything that brings joy to my life.  There is no scale on what makes you truly thankful, some days I am personally grateful for my health, a steady paycheck, my cozy warm bed, or just a cup of hot tea first thing in the morning. You decide what makes your heart full, acknowledging your thoughts by putting them down in your journal.

So how does “The Five-Minute Journal” work? In the morning, you write the three things you are most grateful for, three intentions for your day, and a personal affirmation. Before you hit the hay, you record three amazing things that occurred that day and one thing you wish you could have changed or done differently.

What does this practice do to your mind? First of all, when you declare all of the great things in your life, it automatically uplifts your soul. Secondly, by setting your intentions for the day, you have goals to guide your day to one that leads to success. At night, when you state the amazing things that happened to you that day, you are ending your day on a positive note. When you concede the thoughts on how your day could have been better, you admit to yourself that there were things that you could work on to make your day even better!

All of a sudden, after making  gratitude a daily ritual, you automatically start noticing things that make you grateful and then more things that bring you solitude and peace occur on autopilot! This practice is training your mind to recognize all of the good that is in your life!

And then one day you are standing there at an event and you randomly and deeply think to yourself of how truly blessed you have become, how great your life honestly is, and how genuinely happy you feel! That is what I call inner peace and happiness.

I am not saying that life is always going to be rainbows and butterflies, but I truly believe that this practice has revolutionized my thinking.

It is truly beautiful, and I encourage everyone to try it out! I have put the link for the journal on Amazon below. Tag me on Instagram @paigesbunsnguns if you buy the “The Five-Minute Journal,” create your own gratitude ritual, or find another tool to aid you in the success of finding your inner peace and happiness!

Paige Bradshaw


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