At Home Booty Workout

Rise and Shine! It’s Saturday, one of the best days of the week. Here’s a great workout that you can do at home with minimal equipment! If you don’t have booty bands or weights, body weight will work well too!

Warm up:

A light jog dependent upon your fitness level, I ran 2 miles to start off my workout!


.25 miles of Walking Lunges

Glute warm-up x 3 rounds

Lateral Band Walks x 30

Band Kickbacks x 30

Glute Bridges x 30

Booty-Growin’ Workout x 3 rounds

Sumo Deadlifts x 12-20

Sumo Squats x 20

Reverse Lunge with Kick x 12-15 per side

Calf Raises x burnout


Stretch it out and grab your favorite protein! I personally love Nourish and Bloom Protein! Feel free to tag me in your workout selfies @paigesbunsnguns!

Happy Weekend!

Paige Bradshaw







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