The Changing of Seasons

Life is a crazy roller coaster ride, you never know if you are going to be headed up, taking a sharp left, or just free falling. That’s why it is so important to realize that we go through seasons, yes, just as the weather changes, our goals/priorities change dependent upon the stage we are in.

The reason I bring this up, is that sometimes you get caught in a phase of life where you have to do something you don’t want to do or work extra hard at something else, just to get started in the direction that aligns with the goal during that season. This is what most people would call the “grind mode.” Whatever your goals may be, this is the most exhausting season of life, because it requires your full attention on a large goal. For some this could be working towards a weight loss goal, or a gigantic project at work that your career depends upon.

When you are in “grind mode,” it is harder to focus on all of your values and goals on a day-to-day basis.¬†For example, you are going back to school and working a full time job, you may not be able to go to the gym 5 times a week AND read for pleasure everyday. You are in a season where you must make choices, and those decisions need to bring you the most happiness with the extra time that you do have.

You have to understand that even though you want to read a book a week, work 40 hours a week, work a side hustle 3-6 hours a week, sleep 7 hours a day, exercise everyday for at least an hour, have a solid morning routine (with breathing exercises, meditation, stretching), make every meal at home, complete daily journal entries, hang out with your loved one(s), etc, etc (I am so guilty of this)…something inevitably has to go on the back burner.

The whole point of this is of course you have to make yourself accountable for getting it done, but that doesn’t mean that you have to punish/get down on yourself for not accomplishing¬†everything. My suggestion is to write down 10-20 priorities/goals, identify your top 3-5, create a way to include those into your life, and then do your best.

It is important to become fully aware of these exact moments that feel as if you are slowlyyyyyy headed up a longggggg, steeeeeeep incline, so that you can enjoy the easy, screamingly fun ride down, because that’s what makes this life really worth it.

Paige Bradshaw


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