Stuffed Like A Turkey

“It’s officially the holidays, so I’m just going to stuff myself so full that I feel miserable and want to take a nap!”-says Everyone During the Holidays

It seems as if during this time of the year, we completely lose our inhibitions, throw all of our goals out the door, promising ourselves that on January 1st we will get back in the gym and back on the diet.

Then January 1st hits, the gyms are packed with hopes of FINALLY achieving our weight loss goals. New Year, New Me, as they say!

And then 92% of us forget what our NYE Resolutions even were! That means that only 8%, EIGHT PERCENT of us stick with our goals.

The cycle repeats.


And over.

And over.


Year after year.

Never going anywhere but a circle.

So how can we get out of this terrrrrrrible cyclical behavior that is OBVIOUSLY NOT WORKING?!?!?!

Step 1: Admit that you have a problem…no seriously look at your behaviors. Are you stuck in this rut? What behaviors are you constantly repeating? Insert definition of insanity, because the fact that we get stuck in these cycles is literally insane.

Step 2: Forgive yourself, we are imperfect…but probably not even close to being straight jacket insane.

Step 3: Get a plan together. Identify your goals. Write them down.

Step 4: Do everything you can to stick with your goals.

Step 5: Fall of the wagon…at least 20 times. You are inevitably going to fall off the wagon. Your friends are going to invite you to drink margs and binge out on chips and salsa! You will be attending holiday parties with buffets of food! You will see chocolate mouse pie in the kitchen at work! There WILL be a Bota Box at game night…

Step 6: Get back on the freakin’ wagon. Whoopty-doo, you drank too many glasses of wine last night. Drink a freaking smoothie and a crap load of water and start over the next day.

Step 7: Forgive yourself, we are not perfect. We NEVER will be, I can 100% promise you that! So you can just forget that idea entirely!

Step 8: Remember your why, no matter your goals, you must have a deep underlying motivation to keep you on the wagon. For your children? Beach vacation? For yourself?

Step 9: Achieve goal!

Step 10: Actively stay on top of goals by repeating this method again!

Look, I have Friendsgiving this weekend, Thanksgiving next week, a company Christmas party the week after that, probably at least two other parties between that and Christmas, then Christmas, then NYE..that looks like a lot of excuses to binge out and feel miserable. I have been in this cycle of misery before, over and over, which is why I can write this article of encouragement, that it doesn’t have to be like this for you, you can accomplish your health/fitness goals.

I still plan to drink my wine, play Battle Jell-O shots, eat a big plate of delicious food, and enjoy myself at Friensgiving! Inevitably I am going to go over my daily caloric recommendations, and that’s okay. But what am I doing to combat that?

-Starting my day off with a whole foods smoothie

-Hitting a heavy leg day

-Drink another whole foods smoothie

-Enjoy the party! Eat the food! Drink the wine! Consume Jell-O shots!

-The next day I am going to drink another whole foods smoothie

-Go on a walk/run/yoga/some sort of exercise

-Drink plenty of water

-Eat light, healthy foods

-More water consumption

**Maybe smoothies aren’t your thing, so I suggest you eat foods that make you feel good!

Don’t get caught using the holidays as an excuse to binge and forget your health goals!

Start today!

Paige Bradshaw


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