12 Booty Building Moves of Christmas: 25 Minute Flexy Body Babes Holiday Workout

It’s holiday season and we all want to be able to have those holiday treats and sweets without loosing those booty gains. This quick 25 minute booty workout will help you put all of those Christmas carbs to good use without having to spend hours in the gym!

Set your timer for 25 minutes and do each exercise back to back with as little rest as possible. Ready?…let’s get Flexy!

12- Sumo Santa Squats
Take your feet out wide with toes slightly pointed outward and squat while pushing through your heels. At the top squeeze that tush as hard as you can before performing your next rep.
12 Reps

Heavy Weight


11- Dead Lifts
Practice your Romanian dead lift form before beginning to make sure you’ve got it! Take it slow and controlled focusing on the glute stretch and squeeze.
11 Reps

Medium to Heavy Weight


10- Lunges to The North Pole
Take long strides on the walking lunges to activate your glutes more.
10 Reps on each leg
Light to medium Weight
9- Star Burpees
Do your normal burpee and jump like you’re the star on top of the tree. Arms and legs should shoot out like a star jump and squeeze your glutes as hard as you can.
9 reps

Body Weight


8- Jingle Bell Glute Bridges
Place your feet just outside of shoulder width and add a weight to your hips. Drive your hips towards the ceiling squeezing your glutes for 2 seconds at the top. Keep your abs tight through the entire movement.
8 Reps

Heavy Weight


7- Bulgarian Split Squats
Place one foot up on a bench behind you and lunge deep into your front leg. Go slow and steady.
7 Reps each side
Medium Weight
6- Donkey Kick Pulses
On all fours…yes just like the reindeer, donkey kick with one leg and pulse squeezing harder each time.
6 Reps
Body Weight
5- Sleigh Squat with Lateral Raise
Feet shoulder width apart. Squat deep and do a lateral leg raise at the top of each squat.
5 Reps each side
Medium Weight
4- Side Lunges
Side lunge deeply coming back to the center between each rep.
4 Reps each side
Medium Weight
3- Ice Skaters
Skate side to side, just like you do every holiday season, quickly beginning to get your heart rate up.
3 Reps each side
Body Weight
2- Minute Rudolph Run
Run for 2 minutes at your highest personal pace!
1- Minute Plank Hold

Hold your most perfect plank for 1 minute before starting over again!

This workout is brought to you by the Flexy Body Babes, an unstoppable Kansas City based duo, who specialize in personal and online training. Their goal is to help everyone to feel Flexy.
“Flexy: Flex is their own combination of “Flex” and “Sexy”, combining physical and mental strength. Because they are both equally as important and help you to achieve confidence!”
Follow these boss babes @flexybodybabes on Instagram for more inspiration.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

At Home Booty Workout

Rise and Shine! It’s Saturday, one of the best days of the week. Here’s a great workout that you can do at home with minimal equipment! If you don’t have booty bands or weights, body weight will work well too!

Warm up:

A light jog dependent upon your fitness level, I ran 2 miles to start off my workout!


.25 miles of Walking Lunges

Glute warm-up x 3 rounds

Lateral Band Walks x 30

Band Kickbacks x 30

Glute Bridges x 30

Booty-Growin’ Workout x 3 rounds

Sumo Deadlifts x 12-20

Sumo Squats x 20

Reverse Lunge with Kick x 12-15 per side

Calf Raises x burnout


Stretch it out and grab your favorite protein! I personally love Nourish and Bloom Protein! Feel free to tag me in your workout selfies @paigesbunsnguns!

Happy Weekend!

Paige Bradshaw